‘Pandora’s Box’ of Polyamory, Child Marriages Possible Under Proposed California Amendment, Group Warns

Fox News

A pro-family California organization is warning that a proposed state constitutional amendment to eliminate the traditional definition of marriage from state law could potentially open up “Pandora’s box” to legitimize polyamorous, incestuous and child marriages.

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5 (ACA 5), which aims to repeal Proposition 8’s language that states marriage is only “between a man and a woman,” was introduced by Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener and Assemblymember Evan Low to protect same-sex marriages. If passed, in its place, the state constitution would provide that, “The right to marry is a fundamental right.”

However, the California Family Council (CFC), a conservative advocacy group, believes the wording of ACA 5 is too open-ended and will lead to the normalization of non-traditional marriage structures that could harm children’s development.










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