Jay Allen Releases Debut Album, ‘Des Moines’

NASHVILLE, Tennessee- Music Spotlight artist Jay Allen released his debut album, Des Moines named after his hometown. Inspired by a moment that happened 11 years ago, Allen takes listeners through the experience of leaving Iowa to pursue his music career in his new home in Nashville, Tennessee—this well-thought-out project looks at divorce, grief, healing, and growth.

Allen’s new album follows his recent releases, including “No Present Like the Time,” a tune he wrote when his mom endured early-onset Alzheimer’s. The track is included on his debut record and is on country radio to serve as a beacon of hope for those facing their struggles. “Blank Stares” was also inspired by his mother’s journey.

The focal track of Des Moines,Whiskey In the World,” began as a story about Allen’s struggle with the loss of his mother and his descent into using alcohol as a way to cope with his grief. However, he aimed to make the song more universal, allowing others to connect with its message.

Allen (pictured above) has since become sober and shared, “I want my fans and listeners to understand that while it’s natural to lose oneself, no amount of alcohol can truly help one overcome life’s hardships. It’s crucial to find healthier ways to cope with and process loss.”

He explained, “Basically, I’ve been giving my life to the fight against Alzheimer’s, and it’s really turned me into a philanthropist and all the charity work we’ve accomplished. But the biggest change in my life recently is I brought on a manager.”

A little over a year ago, his new manager, Stacy Stravola, whom Allen dubs his “partner in crime,” encouraged him to release new music, a record.

He told her, “I don’t know how to do that.” She replied, “I’m going to show you how.”

“She’s honestly an answered prayer for me,” the independent artist said.

In addition to his stint on NBC’s The Voice, Allen credits Stavola with his success.

While I have interviewed close to 400 people, finding someone with Jay Allen’s passion is rare. That passion is evident in his music.

Besides “Whiskey In The World” and “No Present Like the Time,” the debut album includes fan favorites like “New Girl,” “Better Now,” and the party-dance tune “Girl and A Drink” that he wrote with his wife, singer Kylie Morgan.

The song “Already Wreckin’ Me” was one that Jason Aldean had on hold but eventually let go. One of Allen’s producers, Micah Wiltshire, told him, “Jay, this is like a country rock thing that you do.” Allen held onto it until the time was right.

“When I played that song live, the reaction told me it was a great song,” the singer said.

Halfway House” is a song based on his previous relationship. It’s about a person who never fully commits. And even though it was rocky, he embraced his past because it showed him what he truly needed and wanted in a partner.

My favorite on the album (besides the obvious “No Present Like the Time”) is “We’ll Come Back Around.” Originally recorded by Craig Morgan, the song is a testament to “hanging in there” in your relationship.

The chorus honestly states You know I love you when I hate you/ You show up, girl, you know I’m gonna take you/ Baby, even the moon and the sun have their ups and downs/ We’ll come back around.

Allen shared the song three or four times before he decided to cut it. When Morgan, heard it, she declared, “That’s us.”

Other can’t-miss songs on the record include “Heart Ain’t Going to Break Itself” and “Woman Made,” a tribute to women everywhere that Allen recently sang at the “Paint the World Purple” Gala.

He admitted, “I’m surrounded by powerful women. I’ve always felt more comfortable around women. Probably because I was a mama’s boy.”

Allen recently fulfilled a dream when he played a sold-out show at the historic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. “These are my people!” he declared.

Des Moines is a testament to his evolving artistry and promises to be a memorable addition to any music lover’s playlist. Allen will promote his music and touring throughout the US for the rest of 2024. Check his website and socials for more information.

You can follow Allen on his websiteInstagramFacebookTikTokYouTube, and all music streaming platforms.

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