Alexander on WarRoom Predicts More Lawfare Coming: ‘If We Don’t Stop Them, They’re Going to Make a Blueprint’

Arizona Sun Times lead journalist Rachel Alexander appeared on WarRoom Friday to detail the unprecedented prosecution of Constitutional scholar and attorney John Eastman by the California State Bar over his involvement with former President Donald J. Trump’s contest of the 2020 elections in several states. Should he be found guilty, Eastman will be stripped of his license in the state to practice law.

Here, Bannon and Alexander discuss what the future holds should the efforts by the far-Left elements funding the weaponization of the law in the United States be successful with Eastman.

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Steve Bannon: Does MAGA, the conservative movement – and I know the National Review crowd is punched out of this and the donors – but if you look at lawfare. You’ve got Mike Lindell, who they’re basically trying to bankrupt because he’s gone and supported and underwritten much. I think his legal bills on going after election fraud is $25 million or north.

You’ve got Eastman in California.

You’ve got Paxton that’s being impeached in Texas.

You’ve got, obviously, the situation in Georgia Fani Willis, right?

And, and those folks – you’ve got the electors in Michigan that I was just on a telethon for the other day. You know, the average age of these electors is like, 73 years old.

I think they’re looking at, I don’t know, 14 to 30 years in a federal prison and millions of dollars of legal fees.

We know that Arizona – I think they’re going to move on the electors. Nevada looks like it may move on them. The electors in Wisconsin, the governor’s talking about moving on them in addition to the in Arizona – there are so many suits.

We’re also going to be streaming Kari Lake, who’s back in court, I think, for two days next week.

Do you think people understand the scale of this right now? And I’m not even including all the Trump situation – Navarro just last week – but the lawfare part of this.

They’re coming after every senior person in the MAGA movement, and in addition, they’re coming for every lawyer associated with the MAGA movement; and they’re coming for any patriot that tries to step up and do their duty for the Constitution. Do you think that people understand the scale of this warfare right now is unlike anything that’s ever happened in American political life?

Rachel Alexander: I think they do. I don’t think we’re quite to the tipping point where we’re going to get enough people involved to make a difference yet. I think we’re on our way there. And I just want to emphasize this.

This is my own personal opinion, but when people say, “Oh, you know, we can’t still support Trump for president because he’s got all this baggage with them coming after him,” that’s exactly the reason we need to support him.

Because if we don’t fight back against all the bogus lawfare. They’re just going to move on to the next guy. So, I don’t have a big problem with DeSantis, but if we all just move on to DeSantis right now, what are they going to do? They’re going to come after DeSantis and prosecute him.

Steve Bannon: So that’s an interesting point I want to drill down on in a second. You’re saying, ‘Hey, even if you have problems with Trump’ – because the Trump supporters always got MAGA and the WarRoom Posse and all of us will always be there. But you’re saying for a lot of those people saying about electability, he’s got so much baggage, they’re missing the point.

And you’re seeing this because of your up-close coverage, that if we move on from Trump, it’s not like they’re not going to come after the next. Anybody that actually goes up against the system, anybody goes up against the radical Democrats and the kind of Uniparty. They’re going to come after them using the same tactics and techniques that they came after president Trump.

Rachel Alexander: That’s right. If we don’t stop them, they’re going to make a blueprint. They’re going to have all these procedures all laid out, such as the disbarment trial of John Eastman. Other state bars can then just – boom – copy it.

It’ll be so much easier to then take down the next attorney.

And same with the prosecutions. Once they’re able to prosecute a few people for election fraud, like in Georgia or D. C., then they’re going to be able to prosecute any conservative who challenges elections from then on. And once they’ve mastered the elections, I mean, it’s all over.

Steve Bannon: They’re coming after a president Trump now on the 14th amendment.

I’ve said from the beginning, we’ve had Dershowitz and others on Mike Davis and other constitutional scholars saying there’s nothing based in the constitution about this. It’s ridiculous. They’re trying to use the post-Civil War, 14th amendment – I think section three or article three from it. But they’ve now created a political firestorm to try and get to the state assemblies or try and get into the general assemblies of state to actually get some of these secretaries of state to take him off the ballot.

And we know now that there’s a lot of this is funded by the Republican elite. Do you believe besides going after people like Eastman and besides doing things like going after the 14th amendment, are there any other things you see on the horizon that we can anticipate where they’re either going to come after president Trump?

Rachel Alexander: Well, the one thing that I have really noticed is that unlike us on the Right, the Left is looking for every possible way it can take Trump out legally or not illegally. And if it is illegal, they’re going to try to wait to stretch it and pretend like it is legal. They’ve got the courts on their side.

So, I haven’t completely brainstormed about a lot of different ideas. As a journalist, my big concern is being sued with a libel lawsuit. So, I believe that that is one angle we’re going to see, it’s just more of the lawfare, but they’re going to come up with all these crazy new ways to sue us.

You know, the racketeering one in Georgia. I think we’re going to see a lot more racketeering lawsuits because they’re so broad and vague. I’ve written about them a lot because I was the head attorney on one against the corrupt Maricopa County supervisors here.

But you can use those against them – almost anybody.

So I think people in the MAGA movement, we’re gonna see lawsuits filed against us. And I just want to add, you just need to start supporting the conservative attorneys.

I’m actually trying to start a group to support conservative attorneys and also go after the Left wing attorneys like The 65 Project does.

You know, we’ve got attorneys like Alex Haberman representing John Eastman – he’s likely to be the next target himself. So you see where this is all going and you know – I’m sure you know – Kari Lake who has great attorneys, but they are not election attorneys.

So our side really just needs to start backing these attorneys up and not letting them hang out to dry.

Steve Bannon: And so you’re saying RICO charges, racketeering charges, defamation, libel – they’re going to go after the others. And you’re right, the Democrats, as epitomized by Mark Elias, they have great – they’re all evil – but they’re very smart as far as every aspect of election law.

They’re specialists in this.

And these people are always on the attack. They use the law as a weapon, right?

We look, we have a very classical or kind of American view of the law, right? That justice is blind.

They don’t look at it that way. They look at the law as something that they can weaponize and then use against their opponents or their enemies.

And I think that’s the cultural difference that we’ve got to start thinking of.

We have to think, we have to start thinking in the terms they think in because they have certainly weaponized this against us. And that’s why I think the Eastman trial is so important.

What should people look for in the next couple of weeks? Walk us through where we are in the Eastman trial, where we’re going to go, what we should look for in your coverage.

Rachel Alexander: Well, the Eastman team finally got to put on its own case beginning yesterday, which means its own witnesses and it gets to direct examine them. And so basically today we’re in the middle of testimony from Wisconsin, former Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman, which has just been bombshell testimony, as you know.

So we’re going to be hearing more of that the next day or two. And then we’re going to hear from some character witnesses of Eastman.

And I’ll be honest, this judge, she’s trying to keep all of Eastman’s witnesses out of the trial, yet she’s let so many witnesses in for the Bar that have nothing to do with Eastman. They either got involved with it way after he was involved with the 2020 election challenges, or they were in some state that he wasn’t even working in.

So, we’re going to see them fight it out, see which one of those witnesses are included, and there’s probably going to be another week, and then another few days whenever they can coordinate with people’s schedules.

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