Former Capitol Police Chief During January 6 Sits Down with Tucker Carlson in Episode 15 of ‘Tucker on Twitter’

In episode 15 of his newest production, “Tucker on Twitter,” former Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson sat down with former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who was the acting chief during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021.

Sund was originally interviewed by Carlson while he was still employed at Fox, however, the former chief’s interview never got a chance to air due to Carlson’s firing shortly after.

During his most recent interview with Carlson, Sund said that federal agencies withheld information and warning signs of potential dangers in the days leading up to January 6.

“Think about it. I am the chief of police at the United States Capitol, probably one of the most prominent and should be the most secure building in the United States and the world. You know, you’d like to think of that,” Sund told the former Fox host. “But when you look at it, and don’t take my word for it, look at, there’s now at least four congressional reports talking about the intelligence failure, IG reports, GAO reports talking about various intelligence failures. But coming into it, you know, think about it. FBI, the Washington Field Office didn’t put out a single document, a single official document specific to January 6.”

Sund added, “DHS didn’t put out a single official document specific to January 6. That’s very unusual. I’ve been through many other events in Washington, D.C. – FBI would host a joint conference call at the least and maybe an executive JTTF, Joint Terrorism Task Force briefing or, and for all these big events, DHS and FBI would get together and put out something that was called JIB – Joint Intelligence Bulletin. Zero for January 6.”

Sund also said that even despite talk about a possibility of storming the Capitol, killing Capitol police officers, and burning down the Supreme Court, nothing was included in any federal agencies’ intelligence assessments.

“You’ve described this as an intelligence failure but a failure is something that happens accidentally,” Carlson pointed out.

“None of the intelligence that was coming up talking about the storming of the Capitol, killing members of Congress or killing my police officers was ever discussed on the conference calls that I was on at least,” Sund said.

“That doesn’t seem to make sense at all,” Carlson noted, to which Sund said, “It doesn’t make sense. I’m looking at my men and women having their asses handed to them, and my first thought was ‘f*** it, I will take whatever discipline there is’.”

Carlson then noted, “Once things got out of control, for 71 minutes Pelosi refused to allow you to bring in the National Guard,” before asking, “Why don’t we have answers?”

“It doesn’t seem like people really want to get to the bottom of it. And it gets worse from there,” Sund replied.

When Carlson asked, “Why isn’t this story everywhere?,” Sund said, “I have no idea.”

As of press time, the latest installment of Carlson’s video podcast, posted at 6:40 p.m. Central Standard Time on Thursday, had 5.6 million views. The 15 episodes posted by @TuckerCarlson have been seen 621 million times on Twitter / X.

Carlson’s interview with Sund comes after his string of sit-down chats with the Tate brothers, Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Devon Archer, and actor Ice Cube.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.



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