No Signs of Life After Helicopter Carrying Iranian President and Other Top Officials Crashes

by Madeleine Hubbard


No signs of life were detected at the site of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter crash, according to state media.

His helicopter, which was carrying other top Islamic Republic officials, crashed during rough weather.

Iranian news outlets initially reported that the chopper suffered a “hard landing” as he traveled back from the East Azerbaijan province. The outlets also asked for prayers for Raisi and his fellow passengers.

In addition to carrying Raisi, the helicopter also carried Foreign Affairs Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, East Azerbaijan Gov. Malik Rahmati and other Iranian officials.

The crash occurred during heavy rain, which prevented other helicopters from being used in the rescue mission.

Photographs from the scene appear to show heavy damage to the helicopter.

Iran’s first vice president, Mohammad Mokhber, will serve as the country’s acting president until elections are held.

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Madeleine Hubbard is a reporter for Just the News.
Photo “Ebrahim Raisi” by CC4.0.



Reprinted with permission from Just the News.

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