The John Fredericks Media Network Launches Iconic WENO AM 760 ‘The Flame’

The John Fredericks Media Network (JFMN), now the third largest independent News/Talk Radio Network in America, launched its newest radio affiliate, iconic WENO AM 760 in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday.

Rebranded as News/Talk AM 760 The Flame, WENO will be operated by the Fredericks Media Network while the final sale of the station and its license application is reviewed by the FCC, a process that normally takes about 90 days.

The Nashville expansion comes on the heels of Fredericks’ pending acquisition of two radio stations in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania market earlier this year, branded as Pittsburgh News/Talk. The new Pittsburgh network includes WCNS AM 1480 and 107.5 FM and WXJX AM 910 and 98.7 FM. Both are managed by JFRN and operate under an LMA while awaiting final FCC approval.

Stephen K. Bannon, who along with Fredericks carries four hours of daily live programming on the network, launched his now number-one show in America – War Room on JFMN in October 2019.

“War Room is honored to launch in Nashville with the John Fredericks Radio Network on WENO 760 “The Flame,” General Andrew Jackson is one of America’s greatest field commanders and Presidents and his spirit lives at The Hermitage and in the hearts of The Volunteers of Tennessee.”

“War Room looks forward to doing its role in igniting a new cultural Renaissance that emanates from this great city’s entertainment industry built upon Christian and American Values,” said Bannon.

John Fredericks, who hosts the 6-10:00 AM EST morning show on his network, said:

As our stations in Philadelphia have thrived and shown stunning growth, we thought it was critical to bookend the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with Pittsburgh, giving us robust reach in both dense population centers.

We offer listeners in Pittsburgh’s Westmoreland County and now Nashville, Tennessee an exciting news-talk alternative that breaths oxygen into a stale and boring ring of warmed-over RINO syndicated hosts on the conservative news/talk syndication circuit.

Our proprietary hosts cut through the nonsensical and predictable RNC talking points of the day to bring a fresh high-energy, action-oriented populist perspective. Our driving mantra of our network is simple: “Action, action, action.

Our Nashville acquisition gives us a base of operations in the mid-south as we expand along the spine of the Atlantic coast. Nashville is a high-growth city and an important cultural center of our movement. We will be competing there with the biggest talk station conglomerates in the nation, including Cumulus and iHeart. We will offer Nashville listeners a dynamic alternative choice. Our combination of live talk and live major sports have built a very vibrant and loyal audience across our platforms.

JFMN is an official NFL affiliate network of the Pittsburgh Steelers and carries other regional pro and college sports including The MLB New York Yankees, The NHL Pittsburgh Penguins, West Virginia University, University of Virginia, Army, University of Alabama, and St. Vincent’s College.

Anne Fredericks, President and Chief Operating Officer of the network is the primary architect of building the privately held company from an obscure morning radio show in Norfolk, Virginia in 2012 to one of the nation’s leaders in the independent conservative talk industry.

“Our growth and success is based on a relentless desire to serve our listeners and our advertisers,” Anne Fredericks said.

“We will not be outworked and we pride ourselves on serving our advertisers and sponsors with integrity, exceptional service, and results. We are in the advertiser ROI business, and that separates us from the much better-funded competition. We operate on a dime, we are a very lean organization and we get results. The team that we assembled is the best in broadcast and we are blessed with exceptional associates who share our work ethic and our vision,” Ms. Fredericks added.

The terrestrial radio network of JFMN now includes:

WENO AM 760 – Nashville, TN
WCNS AM 1480, 107.5 FM and WXJX AM 910, 98.7 FM – Pittsburgh, PA
WJFP AM 740 and 103.3 FM – Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE
WJFN AM 820, 107.7 FM and 92.7 FM – Richmond, VA
WJFN FM 100.5 FM – Richmond-Charlottesville, VA
WJFV AM 1650 – Norfolk-Hampton Roads, VA
WMLB AM 1690 – Atlanta, GA

The company has a significant digital presence and operates an app for every station.

JFMN simulcasts the Monday to Friday lineup which includes (all times EST)

6:00-10:00 AM – John Fredericks Show
10:00 AM -12:00 PM – War Room – Stephen K. Bannon
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM – The Rob Carson Show
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – The Del Walmsley Show
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – War Room -Stephen K. Bannon, Evening Edition
7:00-10:00 PM – Varies by market, check listings
10:00-PM to 12:00 AM – The Rita Cosby Show
12:00 AM – 1:00 AM – Cats And Cosby Show
1:00 AM to 6:00 AM – Red Eye Radio (except Nashville)

Weekend Programming is primarily talk and sports.

Saturday 8:00 AM -10:00 AM – Godzilla Wins Sports Show
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM – War Room – Stephen K. Bannon
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM – High Noon with John Gordon

Check each station for local listings.

Fredericks – who also owns The Virginia Star and is the publisher of The Georgia Star News and The Pennsylvania Daily Star – served as Trump for President campaign Chairman of Virginia in 2016 and 2020. The popular former president is a frequent guest on the John Fredericks Morning Show.

“John Fredericks has always been supportive of our Veterans and Law Enforcement we strongly encourage our followers to tune into his show and his network,” added Stan Fitzgerald, President of VFAF Veterans for Trump. “It’s must listen radio.”



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