Unhinged Vanderbilt Protesters Call 911 for Help to Change Tampon, Resort to Peeing in Bottles to Avoid Arrest

The Daily Wire

Student protesters at Vanderbilt University who were staging a sit-in protest against Israel fell into a state of panic over logistical mishaps, and ended up urinating into plastic bottles and calling 911 because a woman said she’d go into toxic shock if she couldn’t change her tampon.

The students rushed into Kirkland Hall, an administrative building on the Vanderbilt campus that was closed for construction, pushing past a Community Service Officer. Once inside the building, the demonstrators remained for about 21.5 hours, protesting the administration’s decision to halt a vote from the student government in favor of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

The protest was derailed however when the students realized they couldn’t leave the hall to handle basic bodily functions without getting arrested for their protest. At one point in the protest, demonstrators gathered in front of Kirkland Hall and clapped while chanting “Let them pee.”




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