Commentary: Pediatrician Is Fighting Back as Her Medical License Is Being Investigated for COVID-19 ‘Misinformation’

Renata Moon
by Jordan Alexander


Once she saw the data, pediatrician Dr. Renata Moon knew she had to speak out. Over her more than 20 years of practicing medicine, including more than 17 years of treating high-risk patients, Dr. Moon had never been anti-vaccine—until she saw what was happening with the COVID-19 vaccines.

In Dr. Moon’s words: “As the data rolled out on the vaccine and COVID-19, it became clear that children had basically a zero risk of death from infection by COVID [whereas] they have potential serious risk from taking the COVID-19 shots.”

“Physicians are ethically obligated to speak when concerned about the risks of administering a medical product,” she says.

For her integrity, Dr. Moon (pictured above) was met with a warning from her university employer and ultimately dismissed from her role at Washington State University (WSU) where she had been a founding volunteer of the university’s medical school and served on several of the school’s committees.

As Intellectual Takeout previously reported:

The rift between Dr. Moon and her university employer stemmed from her appearance at a December 2022 roundtable discussion hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson in Washington, D.C. Alongside other scientists, medical professionals, doctors, and advocates for the vax-injured, Dr. Moon spoke on her own time—not in a university-related capacity.

‘I voiced my concerns about the danger of giving the COVID-19 vaccine to children. I said that physicians are being silenced. I didn’t tell my school I was going to the event because it was on my own personal time. I didn’t think more of it,’ Dr. Moon said.

Then in March 2023, Dr. Moon received a memo from her medical school employer—a warning specifically related to her COVID vaccine testimony in Washington, D.C. In this communication, she was told, essentially, to stop talking about the vaccine issue. Dr. Moon was dumbfounded.

‘I was surprised—I thought we still had some free speech,’ she said.

On June 29, Dr. Moon got her walking papers, given by way of a memo stating, ‘Your participation is no longer required.’

Now, WSU and the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) have launched an attack on Dr. Moon’s medical license.

WSU reported Dr. Moon’s attendance at Sen. Ron Johnson’s roundtable to the WMC, saying, “We have become aware of a former faculty member that engaged in activities that could be perceived as possible spread of misinformation.”

In turn, the WMC is now investigating Dr. Moon’s medical license in the state, alleging “unprofessional conduct” for her anecdotal testimony in Washington, D.C.

The situation was further complicated by the fact that the initial complaint notice was sent to an old address, giving Dr. Moon less time to respond.

“The letter from the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) was mailed to an out-of-date address on August 1, 2023,” says Dr. Moon. “The current owner of the home forwarded the letter about a month later. I was traveling and did not open my mail until October 4, 2023. At that point, I communicated with the WMC and worked to arrange legal counsel.”

Indeed, Dr. Moon is not taking this attack sitting down. With the help of the Silent Majority Foundation, she is pushing back against the WMC.

She says in her response to the WMC, “Recent actions by the WMC targeting the free speech of licensed physicians have made it increasingly difficult for physicians to ethically care for patients in the State of Washington.”

Dr. Moon believes that this investigation sets a dangerous precedent and sends a message to future medical professionals about the price they may have to pay for speaking out.

“Persecuting physicians for voicing legitimate concerns about the dangers of a medical product is extremely dangerous,” she says. “Healthy medical schools must promote free speech and open debate. … If our newly minted doctors are afraid to critically think and openly discuss topics, will we have any checks and balances? No—we will all increasingly be trapped in the nightmare that is swirling around us today.”

Dr. Moon’s ordeal is just one more example of the censorship resulting from the ideological agenda that has infected campuses across America. For Dr. Moon, given that her parents grew up behind the Iron Curtain, the situation also has eerie echoes from history.

“Suppression of free speech is occurring on college and graduate school campuses across America,” she says. “We are driving straight into a very bleak future. Our schools resemble those in tyrannical countries where citizens have lost all freedom. Do we want this future for America’s children and grandchildren?”

It is for this reason that Dr. Moon is pushing back against this investigation by the WMC. She believes that doctors need to be free to be honest with their patients and the public.

Dr. Moon has a clean career history of patient care with no prior actions, investigations, or lawsuits against any of her medical licenses. In early 2023, she decided to relinquish the Washington state medical license that she had held since 2004 by not renewing it. She did this as a result of growing restrictions on free speech: She was concerned that colleagues were facing repercussions for openly discussing problems with the COVID-19 shot— repercussions that made it difficult to provide ethical care.

As a result, the WMC is investigating someone who does not even have an active medical license in the state. This does not mean, however, that their investigation won’t have an impact on Dr. Moon.

“Actions by a state medical commission against one medical license can negatively influence the licenses that a physician holds in other states,” says Dr. Moon. “This system was put into place to keep bad doctors from harming people throughout America. It was not created to punish physicians for voicing legitimate safety concerns.”

Certainly, the stated cause for this investigation is highly irregular. According to Dr. Moon, “Medical licenses are typically investigated when there is concern about a physician’s ability to safely care for patients in the state that has granted their license. Physicians are often investigated for issues related to personal alcohol or substance abuse or their mental health.”

WSU was transparent about its reasons for filing a complaint against Dr. Moon—namely, that she had spoken out against the COVID-19 vaccines, which equated to her speaking against the approved narrative.

This narrative, however, is crumbling as individuals like Dr. Moon continue to speak out. For example, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing Pfizer over the company’s claims about its COVID-19 vaccine’s efficacy and Pfizer’s attempts to censor public discussion of the product.

All it takes for censorship and lies to win is for those who know the truth to stay silent. Fortunately, a few brave souls like Dr. Moon are standing against this tyranny and fighting for truth.

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Jordan Alexander is a contributor to The Intellectual Takeout.
Photo “Dr. Renata Moon” by We The People Health and Wellness Center.






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