Commentary: Mirroring Communist China

by Thaddeus G. McCotter


In the intensifying great power contest between the United States and genocidal Communist China, it is imperative to devise a strategy for victory, not one for subservience and appeasement.

As Ronald Reagan proclaimed as he ended the myth of détente and commenced the drive for an irenic victory over the USSR’s evil empire: “We win, they lose.” Ultimately, through our nation and our allies’ perspicacious strategic and morally courageous policies, we won and the Soviets lost.  (And all of this without so much as a “snowflake” of the “nuclear winter” the accommodating, appeasing domestic Left had virtually guaranteed would occur under the leadership of the “amiable dunce” and “nuclear cowboy,” “Ronald Ray-Gun.”)

In devising a strategy to defeat our present totalitarian enemy, how would one assess the future of genocidal Communist China if, within their borders, our policies were accomplishing the following:

  • The elites of the genocidal Communist Chinese regime and their family members were corrupted and compromised by the United States?
  • Communist China’s government was rife with U.S. spies?
  • Communist China’s government was being lobbied by Chinese foreign agents paid for by the United States?
  • Communist China’s government was simultaneously being lobbied on behalf of the United States by Chinese businesses who are fearful of being excluded from the American economy?
  • Communist China’s propaganda campaigns were being hamstrung by Chinese business leaders, athletes, activists, artists, and others messaging on behalf of the United States?
  • Communist China’s media received money to disseminate U.S. propaganda?
  • Communist China was divided over the meaning of its revolutionary past and its present with a large segment of its population believing their country was founded illegitimately upon an exploitative, irredeemable ideology; denigrating communist revolutionaries and tearing down statues of Mao; deconstructing their vocabulary to reconcile it with free world concepts, and echoing the anti-regime propaganda disseminated by the United States?
  • Communist China’s People’s Liberation Army was purging its ranks of “Maoist extremists” and indoctrinating its troops with a philosophy of liberty, equality, and all God-given rights that are derived from the foundational principles of the United States?
  • Communist China’s universities were awash in U.S. dollars, premised upon the condition there are unflattering matters that cannot be mentioned about the United States?
  • These same Communist Chinese universities housed “Madison Institutes,” where the revolutionary ideals of the United States are proselytized to and by Chinese faculty members and students?
  • Communist China’s students were taking to the streets and recreating their own version of the American Revolution by demanding their God-given rights, building statues of Lady Liberty, and quoting Madison and Jefferson and other founders of the United States (and weren’t being massacred by the regime for it this time)?
  • Communist China’s supply chain—including essential parts and products within such sectors as technology, manufacturing, medications, and thus the military—was housed within and almost wholly and dangerously dependent upon the United States?
  • Communist China’s own manufacturing base had been decimated by the predatory trade practices of the United States?
  • Communist China’s entire economy had been incessantly and successfully targeted for industrial espionage to illegally harvest their trade secrets by the United States?
  • Communist China was over $1 trillion dollars in debt to the United States?

By any measure, even this non-comprehensive list of prospective American strategic initiatives would justify optimism that such internal subversion of and division within the genocidal Communist Chinese regime will bear fruit in the near future; and deposit this evil regime alongside the Soviet Union in the dustbin of history.

Now, how do you feel knowing this is what the genocidal Communist Chinese regime’s unrestricted warfare has already accomplished within the United States?

– – –

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the “John Batchelor Show.”
Photo “Xi Jinping” by Presidency of Italian Republic CC BY-SA 2.0. Background Photo “White House” by Matt Wade CC BY-SA 3.0. Background Photo “Great Hall of the People” by N509FZ CC BY-SA 4.0.



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