Trump Backs IVF Access After Alabama Ruling

by Ben Whedon


Former President Donald Trump on Friday espoused support for continued access to in vitro fertilization in the wake of an Alabama Supreme Court ruling that determined frozen embryos have the same rights as “unborn children.”

The ruling divided the GOP, with some governors distancing themselves from efforts to restrict access to IVF. Trump, for his part, followed suit in a Truth Social post.

“Under my leadership, the Republican Party will always support the creation of strong, thriving, healthy American families. We want to make it easier for mothers and fathers to have babies, not harder! That includes supporting the availability of fertility treatments like IVF in every State in America,” he posted. “Like the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Americans, including the VAST MAJORITY of Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, and Pro-Life Americans, I strongly support the availability of IVF for couples who are trying to have a precious baby.”

“Today, I am calling on the Alabama Legislature to act quickly to find an immediate solution to preserve the availability of IVF in Alabama. The Republican Party should always be on the side of the Miracle of Life – and the side of Mothers, Fathers, and their Beautiful Babies,” he went on. “IVF is an important part of that, and our Great Republican Party will always be with you, in your quest, for the ULTIMATE JOY IN LIFE!”

Joining Trump and GOP governors are some House Republicans, including Rep. Nancy Mace, S.C., who has stated that “[w]e should do everything we can to protect IVF for women everywhere.”

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Ben Whedon is an editor and reporter for Just the News. Follow him on X, formerly Twitter.

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