Report: Six Rashida Tlaib Fundraisers Connected to Terrorism

by Eric Lendrum


A new watchdog report claims that at least six fundraisers for Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) are connected to terrorism.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the report from the Canary Mission, an organization which monitors anti-Semitism in the United States, declares that at least “six terror-linked activists who all served as co-hosts for fundraisers for her 2018 congressional campaign,” when she was first elected to Congress.

Among these six individuals, one of them, Mwafaq Jbara, “met with a Hamas co-founder while [both were] in a maximum-security Israeli jail.” Jbara, one of the 2018 fundraisers for Tlaib, is also reported to have “called for the death of Jews and praised the terrorist who killed U.S. Army veteran Taylor Force.”

Another Tlaib fundraiser, Sheikh Muhammad Qatanani, has been threatened with deportation from the United States after failing to disclose the fact that he was convicted “by an Israeli military court for providing material support to Hamas.” Furthermore, “Qatanani’s deceased brother-in-law, Mahmoud Abu Hanoud, was reportedly a Hamas military leader” himself.

A third Tlaib ally, Huwaida Arraf, is a known anti-Israel activist who “has allied with multiple terror groups, including Hamas.”

The revelations come as Tlaib faces increasingly bipartisan backlash for numerous anti-Semitic remarks and pro-Palestine statements in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks against Israel on October 7th, and the subsequent war that has been raging since then.

Tlaib has repeatedly refused to condemn the war crimes committed by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, including the mass decapitation of Jewish babies, and also repeatedly and falsely blamed Israel for the destruction of a hospital in Gaza, which was caused by the misfiring of a Hamas rocket. Repeating the hospital lie to a pro-Palestine crowd in Washington D.C. on October 18th, Tlaib whipped the crowd into a frenzy shortly before they stormed the United States Capitol.

For her recent statements and actions, Tlaib was formally censured by the House of Representatives on Tuesday, with 22 Democrats voting alongside all but 4 Republicans in favor of the resolution.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Rashida Tlaib” by Rashida Tlaib.





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