U.S. to Roll Out $3.5 Billion in New Projects to Strengthen Electric Grid

On Wednesday, the Biden Administration announced another round of spending on energy projects across the country, aimed at strengthening the nation’s weakened electric grid in the face of several major natural disasters.

As Fox News reports, the administration plans to spend at least $3.5 billion on 58 different projects across the country, as the electric grid deals with the strain of such disasters as wildfires in Maui and California.

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Commentary: The Answer to American Electric Grid Reliability Is Fuel Cells

In 1932, Americans were doggedly trudging through year three of the Great Depression when a candidate for president spoke of “the human importance of electric power in our present social order … It lights our homes, our places of work and our streets. It turns the wheels of most of our transportation and our factories. In our homes it serves not only for light, but it can become the willing servant of the family in countless ways … Electricity is no longer a luxury,” he declared. “It is a definite necessity.”

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