Yale University Seeks African American Studies Professor Versed in ‘Feminist and Queer Studies’

by Daniel Idfresne


Yale University is seeking a “Global Black and African Diaspora Studies“ tenured associate professor well-versed in topics such as ”African/diasporic queer and feminist activism” and “transnational feminist and queer studies” to begin July 1, 2024.

“The Program seeks candidates whose research and teaching focus on the formations and lived experiences of Blackness, with emphasis on global, comparative, indigenous, or transnational perspectives drawn from African, Indigenous, Asian, Middle Eastern, European, or Latin American and Caribbean contexts,” the job posting by the Ethnicity, Race, and Migration Department states.

The search committee responsible for selecting prospective applicants for the new position must ask the candidates to share “some way(s) in which they have championed diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging,” according to Yale’s Office of Institutional Equity and Accessibility’s best practices.

Alicia Schmidt Camacho, the search committee chair, is a professor in the ERM program and offers courses on colonialism and migration, according to her biography. Camacho has written articles on “transnational labor organizing” and “gender violence.”

Campus Reform has reported on many instances of universities exhibiting bias in job postings. Montgomery College in Maryland deleted its job posting that requested minority faculty interns. The posting violated both state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

Texas Tech University had required job applicants to submit DEI statement up until February. Universities in Arizona had required new faculty hires to demonstrate their commitment to DEI in their previous teachings and research, although they are now dropping DEI requirements.

Yale and Camacho did not respond to request for comment.

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